Here are some general travel tips that are useful for you to know as you prepare for the trip:

  • Tipping is not expected anywhere in China, whether it be at restaurants, hotels, in a taxi, or at a salon.
  • Foreign currency is not accepted at stores and shops - you must exchange your money to the local currency to make purchases.
  • Bring some tissues with just in case you need to use a bathroom and there's no toilet paper.
  • While shops in malls and on the streets have established prices, make sure to bargain hard at the markets where no price tags are visible.
  • Tap water in China is not drinkable. Bottled water can be purchased very cheaply at most restaurants and stores.
  • Like toilet paper, hand soap is not standard in many Chinese bathrooms. Carry a small bottle of hand sanitizer with you just to be sure.
  • China is a crowded place, and the locals have become accustomed to a much smaller personal space than we are accustomed to in the west. Don’t be surprised if you’re jostled or shoved when queuing – it’s just part of Chinese culture.
  • The Chinese love to take photographs, and don’t be surprised if a local tries to snap a sneaky photo of you or even comes up to ask for a picture with you.