Here's a list of things for you to consider before your trip:

  • Download the app "WeChat" on your phone and/or tablet - it's an app that you can use with Wi-Fi and it will be our main communication method while we're on the ground in Shanghai. We'll use it for reminders about the daily schedule, in case of any schedule changes, or if you need to get in touch with the group but have somehow gotten separate from the group. Once you have created an account, please email with your username so that we can invite you to the group chat.
  • Contact your bank (for ATM cards) and credit card issuing companies - let them know you are traveling abroad to China and might be using your cards there. This way they can make a note in your account so that when you try to use a card in China, it won't be rejected. 
  • Share your travel plans (flight info, itinerary, hotel name and phone #, etc.) with a close friend/family in case of an emergency
  • Download a VPN for your phone, tablet, or computer if you need/want to access blocked sites while in China - go here for more information
  • Most people don't require any special immunizations, but check out the latest health information to make sure you are prepared