During your trip to Shanghai, you will have the opportunity to purchase tailor made clothes. You are welcome to buy as many or few pieces of clothing as you like, and you can even buy nothing if you want.

If you are interested in buying tailor made clothes, it's recommended that you prepare a bit before arriving in Shanghai so you can focus on exactly what you want, as the large amount of fabric and style choices can sometimes be overwhelming. Here are some tips to help you prepare a bit:

  • View the FAQ regarding tailor made clothes (includes estimated pricing)
  • View and download our 30-page Tailoring Guide, which will explain to you many of the various ways you can customize clothing for yourself
  • Look at pictures of the clothes that previous trip participants purchased to get some inspiration
  • Search the internet for ideas by using terms such as "tailor made clothes" or similar
  • Create a special "Shanghai" photo album on your phone to save photos and images of clothing items that are similar to something you want so that you can show the tailor in Shanghai - it's much easier to show a picture of something you want rather than trying to explain it. Also, make sure to save these images directly on your phone and not on a specific websites account (Pinterest, etc.) - this is because while we're in China many websites are blocked, and it won't be convenient for you to use data (non-wifi) on your phone while in China since it will be costly and unreliable. It will also be much quicker and easier for you to quickly take out your phone and access pictures on it to show the tailor. 
  • Note that the tailors accept cash only, so make sure you bring enough cash with you according to how many items you want to buy
  • We will visit the tailor 3 times during the trip
    1. 1st time (Monday) - choose fabric and style, get measured
    2. 2nd time (Wednesday) - fitting to make any adjustments needed
    3. 3rd time (Friday or Saturday) - pick up finished items