“beyond my expectations”

When I was presented with the opportunity to travel to Shanghai for the first time, I was incredibly excited to embark on such a captivating journey.  The history, architecture & culture of China has always been fascinating to me. I had also never left the continent at the time too, so I knew there would be many new & unfamiliar experiences as well. David did a fantastic job at providing a very informative, meaningful & fun trip. With his guidance & planning, we got the unique opportunity to fully immerse ourselves in the wonderful foods, sights, fashion & culture that Shanghai has to offer. I also appreciated how he went out of his way to give our group a comfortably-paced & hassle-free trip. David led an incredibly memorable & inspiring trip that went beyond my expectations & I would highly recommend it!

— Wyatt

"Life changing experience!"

My goal of going on the trip was to explore a different culture and come home with an amazing wardrobe. I was lucky enough to complete both and make a great memory with my new friends. David was brilliant and had the agenda dialed in, I would recommend to anyone to go on the trip.

— Ben

"great trip for women too!"

I've traveled a bunch around the world, but this was my first time to Asia, which is why I wanted to go with a group so I could feel a bit more comfortable. Hearing David speaking in fluent Chinese throughout the whole trip was really impressive, and he really put together an amazing tour for our us! As a woman, when I first learned about the trip, I thought it was only a tour for men so I wasn't sure I wanted to go, but afterwards I came to the conclusion that it's actually a great trip for women too! I loved shopping for handbags, purses, scarves, and winter gloves too. I also brought with me to Shanghai a picture on my phone from Pinterest of a really expensive overcoat that was worn by a celebrity. I showed it to the tailor, and a few days later they came back with a perfect copy at an amazingly low price! It was really impressive. Besides helping with the clothing, David really knows the city well and took us to the absolute best places to eat and all the major tourist sites, as well as a few other places that most people wouldn't know to go to. He did a great job and made sure everyone had a fun time. For anyone considering going on the trip...go!

— Dee