Tailor Made Shanghai Launches First-of-its-Kind Tour Combining Sightseeing and Tailor Made Clothes Shopping

September 7, 2017

Boston-based shopping tour startup Tailor Made Shanghai (www.tailormadeshanghai.com), offering a never-been-done-before travel concept, today announced its launch. The company provides unique one-week guided trips to Shanghai for small groups to experience city sites, eat regional Chinese cuisine, and buy tailor made clothes direct from tailors.

During the trip, clients will first go to the tailors to select fabric for clothes they’d like to have made, then proceed to customize the design and get measured to ensure the desired fit. Unique in the industry of made-to-measure clothing companies, Tailor Made Shanghai’s tailors offer a range of fully customizable options for both men and women – suits, shirts, overcoats, jackets, blazers, pants, dresses, and related items. Clients will be brought to the tailors 2 days later for a fitting to make any necessary alterations, and then will receive their finished items before the last day of the trip to take home with them on their return flight.

Discussing the company’s launch, founder David Soffer remarked “While travel has always been a huge industry, the made-to-measure clothing sector has only seen significant growth recently, with more than US$100 million invested by venture capitalists in various companies over the last decade. I believe it’s time to disrupt this industry and offer clients buying tailor made clothes a better service with more customization options, more fabric choices, lower prices, turnaround times of less than a week, and a better fit. For people who are interested in both travel and buying tailor made clothes, I’ve created a fun way to combine them together into a unique experience.”

Soffer went on “In addition to showing people the more famous sites in Shanghai – the Bund, Yu Garden, Shanghai Tower, the French Concession, and others – I’ve added in some unique and fascinating stops on the tour to give clients a more complete perspective on Chinese culture, lifestyle, and history – the Marriage Market, the Daily Food Market, and the Propaganda Poster Art Centre. My goal is to make this the most interesting and unforgettable Shanghai tour possible.”

About the company

Tailor Made Shanghai was formally launched after a test of the concept proved successful in April 2017. The business operates as a travel company, and thus does not sell clothing nor make any commissions or fees on clients’ purchase of clothing or anything else during the trip. Bilingual tour guides are experts in the process of buying tailor made clothes and use their experience and expertise to provide assistance and translation for clients. The company has plans to expand this concept with trips to other cities in China and elsewhere in Asia in the coming years.

About the founder

Fluent in Mandarin Chinese after living in China for 7 years, company founder David Soffer came up with the business concept when he returned back to the USA in 2014 and became dissatisfied with the high prices, lengthy shipping times, and alterations required of clothing for sale from existing online made-to-measure companies. After research revealed that most online made-to-measure companies were acting as a middleman and outsourcing their orders to tailors in China, Soffer decided to offer clients the chance to buy tailor made clothes direct from the source while offering them a fun vacation at the same time.


David Soffer - david@tailormadeshanghai.com