FAQ - What to Bring

What should I bring on the trip?

Confirmed trip participants will be sent a list of items to bring, but generally speaking there are no special or specific items you need to bring on the trip other than what you would normally take on a trip abroad. 

Take a look online for the types of weather during your trip so you can plan accordingly. The hotel has a gym and a pool so make sure to take appropriate clothes if you plan on utilizing those amenities. 

While you should dress comfortable during the days since we'll be out and about, you should also bring some more formal "going out" clothes for nighttime, since many people like to go out to bars and/or clubs after dinner is finished. 

What kind of luggage should I bring on the trip?

Because one of the main parts of this trip is buying clothes, it's recommended that you plan ahead for this. Some past trip participants have taken a mostly empty suitcase with them because they knew they would be filling it upon their return home. Others have simply bought a new suitcase while in China, which is very easy and common. Since we'll be staying in one hotel the whole trip, luckily you won't need to carry your luggage around much, so don't worry too much about traveling light. 

Airlines have restrictions on luggage weight, so make sure to keep an eye on this so you're not charged extra money for overweight luggage. 

How can I stay in touch with people back home during my trip?

The hotel provides free wi-fi in your room and throughout the rest of the building, however keep in mind that certain websites (Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Instagram to name a few) are blocked in China, meaning that you will be unable to access them. You can often get around this by using a VPN (virtual private network), but even that does not work all the time. Many other places we'll visit in Shanghai offer wi-fi as well. While not necessary, if you'd like to buy a SIM card in China so you can have a Chinese mobile phone number, we can help you out with this. Check with your mobile phone carrier in advance if you'd like to ensure it works while you are in China. 


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