FAQ - Tailor Made Clothes

I don't know the first thing about buying tailor made clothes - how should I know what to have made?

Firstly, you should subscribe (on the bottom of this page) to the email list from this website, because you will instantly receive a FREE Tailoring Guide that will show you all of the options possible. Secondly, go here to see examples of clothes that past trip participants have had made. Lastly, your tour guide and stylist David will be with you every step of the way to provide suggestions and feedback for what you should have made. David has had tons of clothes tailor made for him over the years and is an expert on the process. 

How long will it take for the tailor made clothes to be finished and ready for me?

Our expert tailors work fast! They will have all of the high quality clothes ready by the end of the trip (within 6 days!) for you to take home with you, so you can wear your new clothes the day you get back from the trip! If you are having custom made shoes, the process might take a little longer than a week, so the shoes will have to be sent to you after the trip is finished. 

I have a shirt/suit/jacket/dress/blouse I really like, and I want to get something similar but with a different size/color/style. Can you help?

Yes! Simply bring along any clothing samples you have so that you can show the tailor exactly what you want, then they will be able to make a new item with any size/color/style modifications you need. Alternatively, if you have a picture of something you want to have made, bring it along to show the tailor. Showing a picture is much easier and more effective than trying to explain in words. 

Can the tailors modify something that I already have to make it fit me better?

In most cases it's cheaper and easier to just have a brand new item made, but in some situations it's possible to have modifications made to existing clothing items. 

How much will the tailor made clothes cost?

Due to the variations in the exchange rate, exact pricing will only be known when the trip begins. However, you can go here to see examples of prices that were paid for clothes and shoes during a previous trip. Depending on the material chosen and the complexity of the item, the pricing will change accordingly. As a guide, here is some approximate pricing of what you can expect to pay for various items, with the higher end representing more complex items and/or more expensive material:

  • collared shirt or blouse $15-$40

  • men's or women's 2-piece suit $120-$150

  • men's 3-piece suit $140-$170

  • women's dress $120-$150

  • men's or women's overcoat $130-$160

(all pricing above is in US$)

These prices are so low! How is the quality?

We have been working with the same tailors for years, and they are aware of the high quality standards that are required. With regular care and maintenance, the clothes you have made in China will last for many years. Different clothing materials have different rates of wear and tear, so David will be available to give you advice for the best types of clothing for each trip participant according to each person's specific situation. As you can see by the table on this page, many other companies who sell tailor made clothes also have items made in China. 

Is there a limit to how much clothes I can buy?

No, you can buy as much or as little as you want. You can even buy nothing if you want. 

Who will I pay for the tailor made clothes?

You will pay the tailors directly. Tailor Made Shanghai receives no fees, commissions, or kickbacks from any of the tailors, so you can rest assured that you are getting the absolute lowest price. 


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