FAQ - Safety and Medical Information

What happens if I get sick or have an accident and need to go to the doctor/hospital while in Shanghai?

It's recommended that you check into your own specific health insurance situation before the trip to prepare in case you need to. For small ailments there are plenty of pharmacies in Shanghai that carry all the regular medicine you'd expect to find anywhere where you live. There are plenty of hospitals with English-speaking staff in Shanghai who can assist you in the case of an emergency.  

If you must leave the trip early due to illness, we will help you find appropriate medical care and ensure someone at home is aware of the situation. We will do whatever we can to get you home or on your onward journey. Your travel insurance, which is compulsory on all our trips, should cover any costs incurred if illness occurs.

How safe are my belongings whilst on the trip?

It's recommended that you use the safe in the hotel room for important belongings. 

Will refrigeration be available for medicines? eg. insulin

Availability of refrigeration cannot be guaranteed, but as a general rule the hotel room will provide a working refrigerator. Please be sure to contact us if you are travelling with medication that requires refrigeration.

What are the medical and vaccination requirements?

Currently there are no vaccination requirements for China, but please ask your doctor and/or check your government's travel website for more information to confirm. 


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