Originally from the Boston area, David Soffer received his bachelor’s degree in Operations Management from UMass-Amherst. During his junior year abroad in Australia he met travelers from all over the world, and became very interested in international travel.


After working as an English teacher briefly in Taiwan after college, he moved to Boston and worked in various companies in a supply chain role, before being promoted to Hong Kong in 2007 to run a buying office and quality control operation for a large multi-channel, multi-brand direct marketing company. When that company went bankrupt a year later during the financial crisis in 2008, he moved to Beijing and studied Mandarin Chinese language full time for a year at Beijing Normal University.

In 2009 he co-founded a chain of restaurants and ran the operations team for 5 years, eventually moving to Guangzhou to grow the company, and becoming fluent in Mandarin Chinese along the way. During his time in China he became heavily interested in tailor made clothing, ultimately having more than 100 pieces of clothing made over the years, and becoming an expert in the buying process. He also traveled extensively - visiting 15 countries in Asia and more than 30 cities in China.

After 7 years abroad, he moved to Seattle in 2014 to pursue new opportunities, though he returned to China a year later for a 6-month work assignment in Shanghai. When he returned back to Seattle in 2016 he worked on developing the Tailor Made Shanghai concept in his free time. After testing the business concept in April 2017 with a small group, he moved back to the Boston area and formally launched Tailor Made Shanghai in September 2017.

Read more about his motivation for starting Tailor Made Shanghai here. To learn more about his background and the company, please contact him