How to Buy a Tailor Made Shirt in Shanghai, China - Part 4: Monograms and Buttons - Styles and Thread Colors

On the last blog post, we discussed the various types of cuffs you could choose for your tailor made dress shirt. On this blog post, we'll go through the various choices for having a monogram sewn onto the shirt, as well as the various button style and thread options available. (Download the full 30-page Tailoring Guide by signing up for the email list in the box on this page.)

When it comes to personalizing your tailor made dress shirt, nothing says "This shirt was tailor made!" more than having your initials sewn onto the shirt. At the tailor we'll go to in Shanghai, there will be more than 20 different font styles for you to choose from. In terms of placement on the shirt, here are a couple of illustrations that show where you can place the monogram:

While each person has their own personal preference as to where to put the monogram, one of my favorite places to put the monogram is on the left sleeve placket - with this location it's completely out of site when wearing a jacket, and as well as when not wearing a jacket. Again, this is a personal choice based on what you feel comfortable with. Here's a photo of a shirt that was made with the monogram "DS" sewn onto the sleeve placket - note that the blue button hole thread color matches the blue fabric design on the shirt cuffs:


Regarding button styles, with tailor made clothing you can be quite creative. Instead of having the normal button spacing on a typical dress shirt, there are 3 different options for you to choose from - double horizontal, double vertical, and triple top:

Here's an example of a triple top shirt:


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