How to Buy a Tailor Made Shirt in Shanghai, China - Part 2: Collar Selection

In the last blog post, we discussed dress shirt fabric selection. Once you've selected the fabric and color you want, it's time to start customizing the shirt to the design you want. In this blog post, we're going to discuss your various options for what kind of shirt collar you want. 

If you signed up for the email list and received the FREE 30-Page Tailoring Guide (if you haven't yet signed up for the FREE Tailoring Guide, do it now - the sign-up box is on this page!), then you saw the various choices of difference collars you can have on the shirts you can buy in Shanghai:

Collar selection is a matter of personal style - it's totally up to you as to which one you choose! Here's a photo of a past trip participant choosing a shirt collar from the samples in his hand and communicating with the tailor about which collar he wants on each shirt (if you want, you can have different collars for each of the shirts you buy):


Here are some examples of various collars from finished shirts purchased during a Shanghai trip:

Interested to see what kind of clothes you can have made during your Shanghai trip? Go here to see examples of what past trip participants bought. 

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Stay tuned for the next blog post in this series, which will be titled "Buying a Tailor Made Shirt - Part 3: Cuff Selection".