10 Reasons We Offer The Best Way To Buy Tailor Made Clothes

  1. With us, measurements always taken by a professional tailor so you don't have to:

    • worry about you or your friend taking the wrong measurements

    • argue with the the online store about who is responsible to pay when alterations are needed

    • waste your time and money going to the post office and paying expensive postage/courier fees to return/exchange items

    • find a local tailor to make alterations after you've waited weeks (sometimes months!) for your items you thought were supposed to already fit you perfectly but actually don't

  2. We are the only company to offer high quality tailor made suits, shirts, blouses, dresses, and overcoats for both men and women

  3. No shipping cost and no shipping time since you take the clothes home with you at the end of the one-week trip (our tailors work fast and are committed to high quality!)

  4. We offer more fabric choices for suits, shirts, and overcoats than almost anyone else

  5. We offer low, direct pricing straight from the tailors themselves for suits, shirts, and overcoats

  6. See and touch all fabric samples before deciding on the one you want; no need to pay for any fabric samples

  7. Order separate items (jacket only, pants only, etc.) any way you want

  8. No alterations needed since you will have a fitting prior to receiving the finished product to ensure a perfect fit

  9. We are the only company to offer total customization without limits: customize any aspect of any part of any piece of clothing

  10. Since you've already paid us for a tour to Shanghai, we cut out the middleman and make no money nor take any commissions on the clothes you purchase; you will pay the tailor directly for all clothing items

So, what are you waiting for?